Wednesday, July 1, 2009

another boring day.

Hey everyone, just another boring day for me. I made some so-so pasta with a cottage cheese, sour cream and Healthy choice garlic and herb sauce which hopefully I 'll put in some cayenne and other ingredients tomorrow and make it taste a little better. Big news though I made more than one serving of pasta and didnt eat it all! It helps when its not that good though.

Then I drank a slimfast meal on the go drink an hour later. I never would actually drink one of those and be satisfied meal-wise but it has 5g fiber and 190 calories so for a snack/chocolate fix I recommend it.
I know I have not announced this before but I feel like all bloggers do so I will and I'll put it in my "bio" as well. I am by no means a dietition, I do not write down any food suggestions as a doctor or know anything medically about what it will do to you. Although if you are searching the internet for medical advice I think you are probably rolling the dice anyways. I know that a lot of the things I eat fiber one bars, diet pepsi, frozen dinners, slimfast have a lot of chemical ingredients that are not great for the body and I'll continue eating and drinking them soo I'm not a role model by any means. I just want to post some recipes I do that may be of interest and be somewhat accountable for what I eat by blogging it and maybe reach out to people in the same situation or just people that like blogs. So now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'm going to lay in bed eating some really delicious and calorie dense trail mix while watching a netflix movie becuase I've felt mehh all day .

Tonight I shall be eating my first Amys Frozen dinner. These are actually pretty healthy or atleast organic so stay tuned!

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