Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dinner recap, salad for lunch and a sad dinner

I saw an ad for this on the side of my blog the other day and had to try it! I got the Wanchai Ferry Sweet and Spicy shrimp meal. I ofcourse added broccoli to it but it would have had two pretty big portions without the added veg. it was 4.5 grams fat/400 cal/13 g protein per serving (not prepared but just use some more water and pam instead of oil) which if you love chinese food but don't get it b/c of the scarily unknown amount of calories this was an excellent runner up.

I've become addicted to salads, I go through a salad phase at least once a year where they are all I can think about. Today was green peppers, carrots, lettuce, banana peppers, cheddar cheese, cucumber and blue cheese dressing. It was really good although I'm going to try to switch to a lighter dressing from now on than Marzetti'sUltimate Blue Cheese :) It really is a phenomenal dressing though. I had come home from the gym and had eaten a banana and a few cherries because I heard bananas are good for sore muscles (can anyone vouge for this?) and also fruit's vitamins and antioxidants are much better digested when eaten alone on an empty stomach.

I have mentioned this in a few posts before so I'm not going to try to depress anyone too much but we are putting down my dog today. Its a sad thing ofcourse but after seeing her lack of quality of life this past week I'm wierdly okay with it, or maybe it just hasnt hit me yet. Shes definately not the same dog I grew up with. My family's going to order in some Pizzeria Uno tonight because we all will need a little comfort food and no one will feel like cooking.

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