Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dunkin Donuts Flatbread and iced coffee

I woke up to find out I had somehow slept through my alarm?!?! I'm such a light sleeper in the morning I'm not sure how this could've happened! So I couldnt get my starbucks pastry but maybe it was for the best since like I said I'm not a pastry girl to begin with! I went to the bank and everytime I go to the bank I reward myself with coffee not made by me so I went to Dunkin Donuts and got an egg white, turkey sauage and cheese flatwrap on whole wheat. I got a iced coffee w/ skin milk and 3 splenda. So delicious! The sandwich how ever...mehh not the best bread ever and it was pretty bland. I spent half the time wondering if they accidentally gave me the veggie wrap but then I saw a little ball of turkey sausage and knew that this was their idea of a meat sandwich :( I took an absolutely terrible bite in the car then waited until I got home and loaded it with mustard to cover up the blandness...not exactly what you want to do to a tiny $4 sandwich. Atleast my mom gave me a ton of coupons to DD from a calendar she bought so my coffee was free!

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