Monday, July 20, 2009

broke and lovin' it (please get the McD's reference!) and last nights amazingness!

So my roomate who works with me went out for dinner and drinks last night with my boss Sarah. Shes a fun young lady and we've always talked about going out together but never got around to it until I had to leave. It was soo much fun , Julia(roommate) and I cabbed it down to Rossi in the Short North b/c ever since I was plating mint leaves on dessert plates all I could think about was how much I wanted to try a mojito(alcoholic much? yeah I know). Sarah told us this place had the best mojitos and with no other mojito experiences to reference from I'd have to agree, Julia and I sucked down two while Sarah got a belevedere martini! We then got 2 margarita pizzas-rumored best pizza in c-bus, definitely could have gotten just one but atleast Sarah has some awesome leftovers and ofcourse Sarah being a sweetheart paid for everything TOTALLY UNEXPECTED, but soo nice of her! If you live in the Columbus area or are ever visiting Rossi is a great place to eat and drink at and its very low key on Sundays atleast! We were all up for some more drinks and Julia and I were telling Sarah we were buying her everything from now on! Ofcourse when we got to Bodega and I tried to get my credit card out it totally flew across the bar and Sarah yet again paid. When I ordered my 2nd blue moon I already had my money in hand to throw at the bartender! The Tour De France was on TV and Sarah knew everything about it, it was crazy! I had no idea how much strategy and politics were in biking! They all bike in those lines because it helps each other out and theres also people in the race that bascially try to push you off course called the peliton? probably wrong this was about 3 drinks in when Sarah was telling me. I think there was a couple on a first date or something across from us at the bar and the guy was totally talking to Sarah the whole time about the race and his poor date kept rolling her eyes! Note to self: never on any circumstance on a date sit at a bar. The night was so much fun and as much as the Columbus can be really hokey, the Short North is one of the hippest places I've ever been to; your car feels the change in energy as you drive through it.

So this week is clearly not going to be healthy! I have an excuse though! Too many fast food establishments are giving away food and I couldn't possibly turn them down could I? So my friend told me about McDonalds summer giveaways and you can get FREE Mocha lattes every Monday from 7 am to 7pm! So I'm pretty sure thats why my body naturally bounced out of bed at 8:30 am and thought COFFEE! I got a sausage McMuffin too b/c I felt a little weird going just for a free coffee so I got a 16 OZ iced coffee and a sauasage McMuffin for a $1?? what?? crazy and I was about to go to the exxon station next door for a coffee! I do think they gave me the wrong size coffee though b/c my friend told me sample sized, so no one get your hopes up. McDonalds also has a $1 any size soda (umm large obvs) for an unknown amount of time as well.

as for tomorrow, Starbucks sent me an invite for a free pastry with any beverage purchase! I'm soo not a pastry girl but I like to stick it to Starbucks whenever I can, when at Starbucks I never realize 4 dollars for a coffee is ridiculous but when I'm at the supermarket buying 260 cups of folgers coffee for $6 I'm like wow starbucks you are a tricky minx. I mean its such a good idea, coffee is the oxygen of the morning you can charge pretty much anything you want for it and people will pay it. Okay well if I get any more tips on good deals on food or you have one send it in! Also if any readers want to send in an AWESOME local restaurant in or near their town so that we can have some "inside" knowledge if we travel there that would be great! When I get back to Saratoga Springs I'll be doing some reviews!

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