Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bad pic, good lunch

Well its only 12:30 and I've done more already than I have completed in most recent days. I got up at 6am to work at my job, so 3 and 1/2 hours of work with a BIG breakfast of mediocre eggs, sausage and homefries and AMAZING coffee :) -I don't know if I have brought up the tragic loss in my life but my coffee machine broke over a week ago and I've been trudging through life without coffee-colors arent as bright, smells arent as sweet-I just cant bring myself to buy anything that will take up more room in my car on the way home. So after work I got home and immediately started looking for jobs. I wrote up a cover letter in about 10 minutes (record!!!) and sent it out. Finding and applying for jobs isnt too much fun but it does get easier at least! Now for lunch, I guilted myself out of getting subway and opted instead to make a cheaper and healthier lunch at home. I made an open faced hummus, ff cheese and lettuce sandwich. It was good, not subway but good. Interesting fact about subway-People consume more calories at Subway than when dining at most fast food restaurants-BELIEVE IT! If you eat a 12 inch its 500 cal in the bread alone and thats the lowest calorie bread, also I've never met a sandwich artist that isnt heavy handed with condiments. I make sandwiches at home 95% of the time but sometimes break down and get subway b/c of all the amazing toppings and the fact that I could throw a stone at it from my porch.
So my subway tip: have a person to split a 12-inch with, no meats w/ mayo base, and either know your splurging with a creamy condiment or go for a mustard based sauce, sweet onion or vinegar

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