Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wife Swap!!!

Please tell me somebody else watches this! The premise: Two families are chosen with completely different viewpoints ie: one religious strict family and wild family. Today's episode was especially crazy because there was one super religious family and then the other family (the dad anyway) basically studied the bible to rip religious peoples viewpoints apart. I watched a man cry because his daughter wrote a vow not to date on a piece of paper. I watched another man drive his daughter off in a van in the middle of the night because his daughter was being corrupted by outside forces. Omg I love it I can't get enough its constantly cringe-worthy and such a trainwreck. The thing the makes it even more funny is the swap is for two weeks and the people act like its two years in a Tibetan prison! I am not in anyway making fun of religious people, I am only making fun of insane people. But at the end of the show both parents usually realize a few of their faults and reform a little. Give this show a chance! The awkward moments in it are like The Office on crack its pretty painful but in a good way! Okay today was an especially good show and niether family learned anything so I thought I"d do my first blog post about a show. I'll probably do a few more show reviews since I don't have a job as of tomorrow @ 11 PM ( yup, I'll officially be a deadbeat) cheers!

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