Wednesday, July 22, 2009

God's gift to college Students

So I just came back from an econ experiment and not only are they fun they are profitable. I made $20 in an hour just for playing money games! I'd been driving around for about 15 minutes looking for a spot beforehand b/c I think I packed up my umbrella and it was about to pour! The whole time I was playing I was thinking MY CAR BETTER NOT GET TOWED!!! I checked the sign a few times but on my way there I saw 2 meter ticketers so no one is ever safe! If you are a college kid look into stuff like this at your school-econ and psych experiments are the most common, theres also a lot of medical studies at my school as well but I'm too afraid to take pills for cash(you get paid in the 1,000's though, very tempting)!!! I got started because they automatically signed up econ students but any major can do them. Well my car didnt get towed incase you were wondering and I also packed up my trunk so I'm ready for my move-out EARLY friday morning, my parents are bringing my dog Katie up for the trip b/c shes just not doing too good and they feel bad leaving her with the neighbors and the vet can't take dogs on weekends.

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