Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

Yesterday was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I cleaned out the kitchen of all the stuff I brought and washed it all so it would be super clean. After soaking and handcleaning all the silverware I must say, girls are disgusting! I fashioned myself some "towel-shoes" and cleaned our kitchen/living room floor because our mop was not up for the challenge! The rest of the cleaning involved a lot of comet! When I get started I really don't mind cleaning its just the whole getting started part thats hard!

On to the fun, I drove down to Cincinnati to visit my friend who just got a job. He technically lives in Kentucky so last night we literally walked from Kentucky to Ohio to go out! We went to a club called Cadillac Ranch and it was pretty crazy, they had a mechanical bull there (I don't do mechanical bulls I learned one night several times over that they just aren't for short people) I saw a bride on it! Her friend was tucking her dress in for her so it wouldn't go anywhere and all I could think was "shouldn't you be on your honeymoon?" hahah well to each their own! So that was my crazy night in cincin, before I left I had to get an oil change, my car was yelling at me the whole way there. Thank goodness Kevin went with me I've actually never gotten an oil change or anything like that, kind of embarrassing but thats what dads are for, shout out to Rob! We got there and the whole place smelled illicit green plant and all the mechanics were acting accordingly atleast there was someone out there to laugh at the ridiculous amount of bird poop covering my car (sadistic columbus birds, you know who you are) so I just prayed they remembered to change my oil after making fun of my car. I got a $10 discount for going to OSU so that was pretty awesome and my car was ready for a trip back to c-bus. I drove home late afternoon I realized I hadn't eaten anything in about 20 hours except for vodka and was happy I packed a banana and a fiberone bar. I stopped by Jeffersonville Prime outlets b/c I saw it on my way there and couldnt resist on the way back, I didnt end up getting anything though. I went to the Fossil Outlet and saw my beloved sunglasses that broke but the two pairs they had at the outlet were half-broken, I took that as a sign and stopped searching. I love Fossil sunglasses but they do break VERY easily-but they also have an awesome return policy in the retail stores, so word of the wise save your fossil receipts and all will be fine. I wanted to go to the Coach outlet to see if they had a purse to match my adorable wristlet I got from Allie, but there was a long line out the door b/c they have a limit of the number of people that can go in at once, so I bailed. The setup was so confusing I ended up walking around the entire outlet to find my car, it was cold and I felt like people could smell booze on me so it was time to get back on the road. When I got home it was time for dinna so I got a chicken philly sandwich and fries from steakescape, love steak escape.

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