Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting healthy-er

Okay so to do a little recap of my food today. I ate Lean Cuisine chicken pesto pasta with asparagus. I added some broccoli underneath because LC's have a skewed sauce to veggie ratio and adding veggies helps to bulk up the meal a bit. This was a good one, I reccommend it @ 340 cal. I then ate a True delights quaker dark choc and rasberry granola bar-140 cal -this was also really good but don't open it over a staircase (what I did) pieces broke off immediately and I have yet to find them all! I was hungry a few hours later and dug into a white chocolate macadamia LUNA bar-190 cal- these are always good and keep me full for atleast a few hours but I have to say CLIF bars are my absolute favorite and Lara Bars I think are well gross. Afterwards I went to send out a few pieces of mail and then went on about a 2.5 mile walk around campus, ahh I never realized how beautiful it was or how long my walk was EVERYDAY to class! An hour after I got back from my walk and watched an episode of wifeswap my new tv obsession, I got hungry :) and ate a mission wrap w/ garlic hummus and lettuce mmm delicious wrap and hummus-180.
So thats the food I've had so far, I just havent felt "satisfied" all day which is why I've been snacking so much!
I'm a calorie counter, this is the only method of dieting that really works for me so if you'd like I can write the calories of stuff so you know or if you don't like that you can tell me also, I don't count calories in veggies (kind of like WW) unless they are starchy ie: corn, potatoes, peas.
Okay well I'm spending the day looking for jobs and I might do another walk later, it is such a beautiful day and I don't know how to "work-out" unless I am in a gym

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